If there ever was a time when we are being called on to Live Brave & Rise Strong it is right now.

Our worlds have been upended by a virulent and life-threatening virus. Our economy and for some our very livelihoods are threatened. Fighting against Systemic racism and fighting for women’s rights are at the forefront of our efforts to create a fair and just society. The very earth we so depend on is in grave danger of surviving.

It’s no wonder we feel vulnerable and afraid- AND YET….

We can’t stand by and let this time leave us paralyzed and running scared.

So what does it look like to Live Brave and Rise Strong in the midst of chaos and upheaval?

How do we walk into the crisis of our lives together and how do we move forward in it with strong backs, soft fronts, and wild hearts?

Join Me for My New Online Program:

The 10 Guideposts for Whole-Hearted Living: How to Thrive (& not just Survive) in Difficult Times

What I hear from my clients, friends and family members time and again is:

We all feel the pain and fear of our current situation, but we don’t know how to move forward.

  • How to deal with the pain, confusion, anxiety, fear, and so much more.
  • How to focus on our values and purpose and move bravely forward despite what we face in our lives today.
  • How to chart a path forward and follow it confidently.

Social Scientist and world leading researcher Dr. Brene Brown has spent the last 2 decades studying how people do just that. 

Stay centered and grounded and to make choices based on your values and beliefs.

Live, love, parent and lead with integrity courage and authenticity in the face of any formidable foe.

I'm going to show you how and guide you along the path.

The Format:

Start Date:

Sept 11th, 10am-11am for our first live group session and the release of the first video modules in the course. 

Then weekly, every Friday thru November 20th we'll have live group sessions on Zoom.

I’ll be sending out a teaching video each week to walk you through each one of the guidepost’s we are exploring, and then each Friday morning we will meet via zoom- to unpack that week’s guidepost- and share how we are practicing using that concept in our day to day lives.

I find the most important part of doing this work is walking with a group of like-minded companions who share their stories of struggle and triumph with each other.

We can’t go it alone- we were never meant to.

During this time of isolation- having a group to hold you accountable and walk alongside offering support and encouragement is a priceless gift.

“My favorite part of the program was the zoom calls and connecting with other members of the group- it was amazing how much it helped to know I wasn’t alone in my struggles”

- Past Participant

The Content: 

We’ll be exploring how to let go of what other people think and practice the brave act of showing up authentically as who you really are.

We’ll learn how to set boundaries- to ask for what we need and want. Say what’s OK and what’s not Ok.

We’ll learn how to live with uncertainty and let go of the need to be always in control

We’ll explore how to access our inner wise mentor and begin to trust our internal intuition

We’ll develop mindfulness practices that lead us to more self- compassion and empathy for the “other’s” in our world.

We’ll identify our core values and beliefs and carve out an action plan so we can show up in alignment with what we truly believe.

Starting September 11th:

"10 Guideposts to Wholehearted Living" with Cynthia Benge

A 10 week online program with both video lessons and live group sessions with Cynthia.

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